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Investment decisions made by governments (which are paid for by taxpayers)  too frequently deliver much less than was expected or cost more than planned. Institutional investors and others seeking to contribute toward fair and sustainable projects need more sophisticated tools to better estimate the project's impact on beneficiaries over the years. We are pleased to welcome Domingo Peñalver to the team and to be able offer to his methodology which analyzes and compares the financial, economic and social costs and benefits for more equitable and better investment decision-making.

Welcome to Domingo Peñalver

"After more than 15 years as a civil engineer, I wanted to enhance the decision-making process for major transport infrastructure investments. I needed to understand why certain projects come to fruition despite delivering poor net benefits and entailing huge costs to taxpayers. This interest led me to undertake a PhD with a specialization in finance and cost-benefit analysis and to develop a unique tool for project appraisal in terms of Value for People and Value for the Future."  

Domingo Peñalver

Value for People/Value for Future Methodology

This methodology and project appraisal tool combines socio-economic and financial analyses to provide a set of indicators, which allow governments, donors, and non-profit decision-makers to easily understand if the cost of the investment is balanced with the expected benefits over several generations.

Why Partner?

The name Partner4Growth reflects the conviction that partnering yields better results—whether bringing in innovative approaches, solving a development issue that impacts business growth, or building infrastructure and delivering services more efficiently through public-private partnerships. I have spent my career in large and small organizations that focused on new approaches to international economic development and helped them win and manage contracts and grants. Partner4Growth is putting that experience to work more broadly. Partner with us to build your organization, your community, or your region of the world. 

Linda Nemec, Founder and CEO

Our Focus

We apply our expert skill sets developed from working with governments, donors, management consulting companies, economic development agencies,  universities, and international financial institutions to offer solutions for growth. 

International and Business Development

We help design and deliver high-impact, projects by working with partners to incorporate creative technical approaches in their proposals and projects.  We cover a wide range of technical areas and work as a partner to understand their unique value and help clients win work or access funding. 

Economic Development

Cities are often able to reinvent themselves, recover from economic downturns and attract benefactors for initiatives.  However, neighborhoods, populations, and the regions outside the city center often get left behind. We offer solutions and support to create more inclusive growth.

Our Services

Business Development Support

Support all aspects of business development:  work closely with clients to write solicited and unsolicited proposals and concept notes  , develop business growth strategies and pitch decks. Specialize in developing creative technical approaches. Help clients identify sources of funding, and make the case for it, using data and analysis. 

Economic Development Consulting

Work with donors and government agencies to help industries set themselves up for the future, attract investment, promote inclusive growth, and reinvigorate regions, cities, towns, and their communities. Develop strategies that incorporate best practices, identify potential partners and funding, and help clients make the business case for needed investments. 

Partnership Creation & Support

Build the capacity of government agencies to engage the private sector and facilitate that engagement. Provide consulting to government agencies on public-private partnerships (PPPs) which finance and manage infrastructure projects and improve services. Build their capacity to identify projects with PPP potential; use competitive processes to create them and best practices to manage them.




Domingo combined a PhD in Transport Economics and Infrastructure with extensive experience as a transportation engineer to develop a unique methodology to assess  the value for people and value for the future of large-scale infrastructure projects. As a senior PPP advisor to UNOPS for Latin America and the Caribbean Region, he screens the socioeconomic impact of PPPs. His expertise includes financial modeling, investment and economic analysis, blended finance, and urban development. Domingo is based in Alicante, Spain.


Linda has over 20 years of experience helping companies win business in new markets, and helping countries and communities to develop, and grow. She has worked with industries in over 25 countries to develop their competitive advantage, tap export markets, and make the case to attract investment.  At the US Department of Commerce, she established an award-winning center to help companies do business overseas. She has an MBA and is based in the Washington DC area. 


David is a thought leader and advisor on public-private partnerships (PPPs) with experience in over 40 countries. He served as PPP advisor to the US Army Corps of Engineers, USAID, the World Bank, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance in Sri Lanka and PPP Community in Albania. He is a Senior Advisor to the International PPP Resilience Center, New Orleans, the PPP Healthcare Center of Excellence, Frankfurt, and PPP Hub in Afghanistan. Originally from South Africa, he lives in the Washington DC area.

Supporting City Revivals in Eastern Ukraine

For DAI, selected and analyzed six industrial cities in the US, Canada, and Europe which had successfully revived after decades of decline to serve as model cities for eastern Ukraine. Presented research and recommendations to local government officials, DAI project team  and USAID.  Recommendations accepted as basis for Year 3 workplan.

Understanding US Investor Interests 

Identified sectors and tapped network of US industrial and agricultural companies and African companies to: identify and interview 20 US companies with current or potential investment interests in Africa; and 20 African companies with interests in US investment. Provided summary of insights and recommendations to client. 

Successful Capture and Proposal Support Example

Interviewed 35 people traveling to 5 East African countries over 3 weeks to interview local companies, officials, identify potential partners, and produce the technical approach. Used own network and "cold introductions" to secure a number of interviews. Worked closely with prime contractor to write and deliver the technical approach a few weeks later for what became a winning proposal.

Assisting a FinTech Company in India Expand 

Supporting a growing Fintech company, FIA, based in India to identify sources of financing to provide partial investment funds for blended finance so they can expand within India and into Nepal and Bangladesh. Worked closely with the CEO to refine the unique value proposition, make the benefit case, and write the funding proposals.


Linda quickly grasps the competitive advantage of organizations, helps them tell that story, and win work. She has put a number of companies--start-ups, small, medium, and large--on the path to significant growth. Her large network gives her ready access to partners, consultants, thought leaders, and potential clients.

Fiona Macauley, Founder-CEO, WILD Women Innovators & Leaders Network and Forum to Advance Women’s Leadership in the Global Development Sector 

Dexis owes much of its early success to Linda. She helped the firm win its first prime federal contract and then became its first chief of party. For a firm that became a  top ten USAID prime contractor , the early contributions by Linda are, quite simply, priceless. Those on the list of professionals that have the grit needed for growth is a short one. Linda is at the top of that list.

Mihir Desai, Founder and CEO, Dexis Consulting

Linda and the company understands the benefits of partnering. She helped mine become a USAID-ready subcontractor. She respects what small businesses bring to the table and is open to new ideas and approaches.  Her ability to put together winning consortia and use her strong technical knowledge to write winning bids is unsurpassed.

Scott Wayne, President, SW Associates

Our first partnerships between USAID and multinational companies working in Russia, Azerbaijan and Georgia were created by Linda. She recognized that USAID's goal of supporting the expansion of small businesses could be accomplished by meeting the needs of multinationals for local suppliers. She is extremely skilled at getting support for new concepts and projects.

Michael Levett, former Vice Chairman, Small Enterprise Assistance Funds and former CEO, CDC/now Pyxera 

David has superior skills that help those challenged by PPPs to navigate their ever-changing and dynamic complexities. He
has greatly exceeded
my expectations in every way. I highly recommend his knowledge, expertise, and wisdom in all facets of PPPs. 

David Dodd, President,  International Resilience Center - Louisiana

David is one of the few experts who has a broad picture of PPPs and understands the interests of  politicians and investors. If you have David on your team, you are lucky. 

Erjon Murataj – PPP Unit - Albanian Government

After one particularly important strategic session...the Minister of Industry and Commerce called David, "the father of PPPs in Sri Lanka."

Thomas Burola, STAIR Project, Sri Lanka, USAID 


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Core Team Members

We are looking for core team members with experience and potential clients in our focus areas:

  • Proposal development 
  • International economic development
  • US economic                  development
  • Urban development
  • Social impact investing
  • Project finance PPPs


We are looking for subject matter experts who are also good consultants--who ask good questions and use analytical tools to provide insights to clients.  

  • Management consultants
  • Investment promoters 
  • Value-chain analysts
  • PPP facilitators
  • Project finance experts


We are looking for good writers and problem solvers. Our internship program is designed to build skill sets and provide the opportunity to use them. We provide training in:

  • Professional Skills
  • Project Management
  • Business Development
  • Consulting Skills 


We'd love to support your growth.

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